About Daniel

I am passionate about working to protect the natural beauty of our state and the people that live here.

I have always had a passion for nature. Following that passion, I moved to Western Montana to study environmental studies and wildlife biology at the University of Montana. Working on the hantavirus project with deer mice in Drummond and in the Ninepipes Reservoir, in the bio-research lab, and the permaculture herb garden, Big Sky Herbs, I quickly found my career path of pursuing science to solve our 21st century problems. 

Recognizing climate change as the overarching issue, I started a climate action student group at the University of Montana. With support of my climate group, I wrote and successfully lobbied for a 100% clean electricity resolution in UM’s government which showed the University’s support for Missoula city/county’s 100% clean electricity resolution by 2030. 

While working with the Sierra Club and Environment Montana on environmental justice projects, I was a panelist on climate forums and organized a Green New Deal town hall in Missoula to help educate the public on the transition to renewable energy. Currently, I organize with climate & social justice groups in Missoula, work as an emotional support person for people with autism and work for a family at their horse stables and garden, and volunteer every where I can. 

After talking with the current Montana politicians over the past couple of years, I was disappointed. I realized that we need leaders who prioritize the people and the climate to step up and run for office against the money-corrupt politicians. We are working hard every day to make sure that this PSC seat is taken back to Montanans' interests.