I am running for the Montana Public Service Commission to bring the people’s voice back into these crucial decisions.

The Public Service Commission is our first line of defense against injustice by the utility monopolies that control our energy, our water, and ultimately the fate of our land. The current public service commission has allowed the utility companies to make massive profits by hindering personal energy production, and the current PSC has allowed unnecessary pollution on our land. I will not allow this to continue.

This campaign is for the underrepresented voices, those struggling to pay their bills, and the people who are currently being affected by the climate crisis. I am driven by my love for our beautiful state and the passion to achieve social justice for all people. As your Public Service Commissioner, I will fight hard for Montana utility ratepayers every day.

No area affects every Montanans' daily life more than the operations of our public utilities: energy, water, telephone, railroad, telephone service. We must ensure reliable and affordable utility rates to everyone.

Historically, the current Montana Public Service Commission has favored these utility monopolies in their decisions, not considering the climate crisis or public health. When we are dealing with the worst fire seasons, droughts, pollution, and more extreme weather in our state than ever before, it is a necessity to transition to clean, sustainable utilities. As your commissioner, I will keep public health, the ecosystem, democracy, climate, and your rates as top priority.

I am running in District 4, traveling from Libby to Hamilton, Philipsburg to Thompson Falls

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