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Montana Power Podcast

This podcast is a chopping room floor of ideas and considerations faced by people living and breathing the electric, water and telecommunications utilities.

The idea behind the show is to provide illustrations to citizens of what we’re up against today with climate change and what makes our utilities run. The starting place was considering the complex grid, appreciate its form and function, and learn from what people are already doing to curb emissions.  From there, Montanans and their representatives can begin to develop and advocate for a vision of the future that is sustainable and doesn’t turn the lights out.

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Episode 1: "Pandemic, Climate, and a Smarter Grid"

In the first episode of the Montana Power Podcast, we interview Christine Hallquist, the protagonist of the 2016 documentary "Denial", a film which chronicles her struggles as a trans woman embracing her gender identity and her fight to implement a smart grid and renewable energy in Vermont as the CEO of the Vermont Electric Coop. The film serves as  poignant metaphor for our country’s decades-long denial of climate change and our collective need to embrace hard truths in the coming years.
We first spoke with Christine way back in November (a much simpler time) to discuss the concept of a smart grid. As we were taking our sweet time figuring out the intricacies of creating a podcast the CoVi-19 pandemic hit. Faced with this new reality we decided to bring Christine back on to the podcast to discuss her experiences dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Katrina, her advice to young leaders like Dan and how we can move forward from here.
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Episode 2: "Carl Borgquist and the Big Wet Battery"

In this episode, we dive into the solution for getting us off of fossil-fuel energy: a giant, pumped storage hydro project. The CEO and project coordinator for this big wet battery is Carl Borgquist, the CEO of Absaroka Energy. Carl takes us through the ins and outs of how he is using water to make up for the base load power with his pumped storage project: the Gordon Butte.
As Northwestern Energy plans on digging deeper into a future of fossil-fuels, this renewable energy battery is on the market for cheaper, cleaner energy. Pumped storage hydro power is the future of energy storage, and Carl hopes for Northwestern Energy to invest in the future.
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Episode 3: "The Treasure State" An Interview with Colstrip Mayor John Williams

Over the past century, the community of Colstrip, Montana has been built around the booming energy coming from Colstrip's power plants. Coal power has allowed the economy of the Wild West to transform into what it is today, but it has come with consequences. While other investors in Colstrip are looking to pull out, Montana energy monopoly, Northwestern Energy is desperately wanting the approval of the PSC to purchase another 25% of Colstrip Unit 4 for $1, while concealing the costs of the coal power.
What will the future of Colstrip look like, and how can we guarantee a good living in the future for these fossil-fuel industry workers? In this episode, we interview the Mayor of Colstrip, John Williams. He tells us about the past, present, and future plans for the community of Colstrip and their power plants. Mayor Williams asks that lawmakers and the PSC approach Colstrip workers issues with compassion.
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Episode 4: "David Ewer and the Deregulation of Montana Power"

During his tenure in the Montana House of Representatives, David Ewer was a vocal opponent of the deregulation of the Montana Power Company. In this interview, we discuss the problems with deregulation, the pitfalls of investing in carbon producing power infrastructure and how the Public Service Commission can learn from past mistakes to better serve Montana ratepayers.


Episode 5: "Whose Side is the Montana Public Service Commission On?"

In this episode we welcome Jeff Smith… Max Smith’s dad. Jeff is the co-chair for 350 Montana, which aims to reduce atmospheric concentrations of CO2 by implementing strategic actions and advocating policies to end fossil fuel burning. In our conversation we discuss North Western Energy’s lack of vision, the vital role of the Public Service Commission, what good energy policy looks like (ahem Colorado), and the way forward.

Bonus Episode: "Running to Reform the Most Corrupt Body in Montana Politics"

Daniel Carlino, candidate for Public Service Commission District 4, doesn’t shy away from the activist message at the center of his campaign. In his interview with the Montana PostCast, he called for public ownership of utilities, an end to the corrupting influence of money in our politics, and an assertive approach designed to hold politicians accountable.

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